The iD Porte team has a proven track record in RFID technology. In 2006 we developed and commercialized the first microchip cat flap that controlled access based upon the cats unique microchip. Our team secured multiple patents relating to this concept that we subsequently licensed or sold. Continuing in this sector we are developing a family of microchip pet feeders which will allow only the correct animal to eat from the feed bowl.

We made many friends working in the RFID market and established many collaborative relationships and gained lots of experience which have enabled us to expand our scope. The iD Porte team has undertaken a wide range of projects including the identification of humanist graves, breast implants, Haute couture handbags, antiques, racehorses, the creation of national databases for lost animals and anti-theft devices for bicycles.



David graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1987. He was a partner in a mixed veterinary practice for 20 years before working in industry as a veterinary consultant for 2 years. Currently David is an Official Veterinarian working for government. His responsibilities include official controls of commercial and non-commercial movement of animals, biosecurity, animal welfare and veterinary public health. David has post graduate qualifications in forensics and law and his interests include the identification of wild and domestic animals using RFID and DNA technology.


Nick is the Technical Director of iD Porte and is responsible for the design and development of all new products. Nick graduated in 1996 from Brighton University UK with a first class honours degree in Electrical, Electronic with Computing Engineering and started work designing sonar systems for various military and oil industries. Nick joined iD Porte in 2006 designing and developing the world’s first commercial microchip cat flap, before selling the product to a large renowned American cat flap company in 2009. Since then Nick has been designing and developing microchip related products with the aim of improving identification methods as well as benefiting animal welfare including the award winning Halo microchip scanner and the Scanner Angel missing pet system. He is always looking for ways that technology can assist in identification and traceability.

Nick is married to a practicing vet and has a family of three children and a number of animals.


Eleanor, having previously worked at Specsavers in their accounts department, joined iD Porte in 2009 as a customer service advisor and quickly became customer service and sales manager. In 2013 Eleanor became the Production Manager, joined iD Porte’s Board of Directors in 2016 and now manages all of the financial and production scheduling at the company.

Eleanor enjoys spending her free time coaching and playing football and riding motocross.


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